Praise to Letting Go

Aimee Penna 

the house

the old flatware

the punchbowl

all of the things that said

stay, take root

even keep kosher, if

you'd like. instead

the two of us

carrying two cats

in their meshed

duffel carriers

GPS our new

religion, dedicating

the rest of our lives

to impermanence

which really

we always had done

without knowing.

how the pipes 

had begun

to corrode anyway,

a beautiful 

blotched metal


with condensation

like beads of sweat 

on an indifferent

upper lip

Aimee Penna’s poems have appeared in Columbia Poetry Review, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Hawaii Pacific Review, and Whiskey Island, among othersShe holds an MFA from Bennington Writing Seminars and has been an editorial assistant at The American Poetry Review. She recently moved to San Antonio with her husband and two kooky cats.