She has a Boston Accent.

Hello friends,


I am honored that you have chosen to read Boston Accent’s seventeenth issue. This one is close to my heart, not only because we feature excellent work, such as the Winners of our Wicked Short Creative Nonfiction Prize, but also because I had to battle much self-doubt to reach this moment of publication. While I was on a date with someone he raped me this past May, and my mental health has since been unstable. I am feeling more like myself now after a lot of venting to friends and crying and writing poetry and making art. 


My healing process should not be compared to anyone else’s; people process grief, pain, and violence at their own pace and in their own way. 


I am feeling, at the moment, hopeful and grateful. I am lucky to have my amazing family, my beautiful friends, and my reliable editorial team. Thank you to each of Boston Accent’s readers and contributors. I love you so much, and I believe in your ability to achieve the goals of your unique heart.


I’m always here for the writing and art community; you can reach out to me @fluent_saracasm or @saraheditsbooks, and I will send some love and light your way. As a community, we need to lean on each other for support. I am so proud of everyone who is pursuing artistic endeavors during this life. You are incredibly strong.


Keep creating from the heart,