Editorial Staff.


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Editor-in-Chief: Sarah A. O’Brien

Sarah A. O’Brien enjoys dark chocolate and light wordplay. Sarah is a proud sponsor of both Midnight Snacks and Bad Puns, and possibly also Procrastination if she ever gets around to it. Sarah is an MFA candidate in Writing at University of Nebraska Omaha. Follow her adventures @fluent_SARAcasm or @saraheditsbooks.





Poetry Editor: Chastity Mathurin

Chastity Mathurin, a recent Providence College graduate and a Lynn, MA native, is a math teacher by day and slam poet by night. Chastity has performed in Providence, RI at AS220, as well as at various Providence College events, including: Rap Slam, "Love Art, Hate Discrimination," and Night in Friartown. Try catching a performance of hers at an open mic night in Boston.


Poetry Editor: Kevin Salvaggio

Kevin Salvaggio currently resides on Long Island, NY where he spends most of his free time (outside of waitering and temp jobs) writing obsessively in attempts at finding his true poetic voice. He is pursuing an MFA degree in poetry at Sarah Lawrence College. 





Fiction Editor: Rashi Rohatgi

Rashi Rohatgi moved to Boston immediately after college and tried to survive entirely on exotic fruits from the corner shop and $5 pizzas. She now lives a moderately more successful life in London, teaching writing, editing, and teaching cultural studies. Read selections of her work here.



Asst. Fiction Editor: Justin Goodman

Justin Goodman graduated from SUNY Purchase with a B.A. in Literature. His film, book, and music reviews have been published in Red Carpet Crash, Cleaver Magazine, and InYourSpeakers, respectively. Other work has been published in Italics Mine, Counterexample Poetics, and 352 Degrees. Take a look at his website here.



Nonfiction Editor: CHARLES BANE, JR.

Charles Bane, Jr. is the American author of three collections of poetry, including the recent The Ends Of The Earth: Collected Poems (Transcendent Zero Press, 2015). He has written The Ascent Of Feminist Poetry (TZP, 2015 ), I Meet Geronimo And Other Stories, (Avignon Press, 2015), and Three Seasons: Writing Donald Hall (Collection of the Houghton Library, Harvard University). He created and contributes to The Meaning Of Poetry series for The Gutenberg Project.


Art Editor: Michael Rose

Michael Rose is the Gallery Coordinator at the Providence Art Club, where he manages exhibitions in three historic gallery spaces. An art historian and writer, Michael has contributed to Art New England Magazine as well as Big Red & Shiny, where he has been a contributing writer since 2013. He is a former Gallery Lecturer at the RISD Museum in Providence and has also presented research at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Michael holds a BA in art history from Providence College and is studying for his Certificate in Appraisal Studies at New York University.




Marketing Manager: Kathryn O’Brien

Best known for her social media savvy and sarcastic comebacks, Kathryn O'Brien is also the biggest Boston Red Sox fan out there. Find her on Instagram @kp7819.





social media outreach / fundraiser: jenny bourque

Jenny Bourque is studying English and Film at Syracuse University and has been said by her peers to have seen every movie known to man. She works on making that myth a reality. She hopes to become a journalist one day, working with the stars of the films she so adores. Follow her at @jenny_bourque to keep up with her foolishness.