happy 1st birthday to us.

one year in, and it's all thanks to you.


           Boston Accent Lit owes everything to its contributors, its supporters, and its dedicated readers. I want to take this opportunity to thank you profusely—yes, you—for helping to keep this project going. We are honored to have been included as one of the "Most Personable Markets" on Duotrope this past year (and to be listed within The Grinder's database as well). Our all-volunteer staff makes efforts to offer personalized feedback to creators whenever we can, especially as making art is often lonely and thankless work. We sincerely appreciate the chance to read your words, learn about your craft, and become immersed in your stories.

           The future is bright for Boston Accent; we have an inbox filled with exciting pieces and the privilege of making difficult decisions regarding which to include in upcoming issues. If we reject your writing or artwork, please consider sending more to us in the future, and never give up on your craft simply because it didn't suit a particular group of editors. As long as you believe in your work, continue to fight for it. If you aren't creating art for yourself, who are you doing it for? Thrill yourself. Love and stand by each finished piece, but remain receptive to criticism as well, since sometimes we are too close to our work to see the flaws.

           We have a talented artist, Christina Bull, currently working on a redesign of our logo. We'll probably host another t-shirt fundraiser once the new logo is unveiled, so stay tuned for that. The Boston Accent staff is working hard to improve our submission response times this year, since we know how excruciating it can be to wait to see if you were accepted by the publication of your dreams (we'll just assume).

           Special thanks goes out to the beautiful people who donated funds to our journal in order to help Boston Accent stay online. (Shameless plug: we are still accepting generous donations in any amount.) If you have suggestions for the journal overall, we are always open to your opinions; please direct all drunken praise or angry rants to bostonaccentlit@gmail.com.