10 reasons Why You Should Be More Gentle With Your Human Design

Melissa Tripp


1- You're still learning the continents heartbreak has spread you across.


2- You're still exploring depths you never knew about.


3- You're still clearing house of the wrong guests.


4- You're still trying to justify wars your mind insists on fighting.


5- You're still trying to identify the overwhelming void in your soul.


6- You're still struggling to articulate yourself to you.


7- You're still unlearning the paths you've taken while relearning your feet.


8- You're still aspiring to be beautiful when the magnitude of your beauty surmounts a thousand unwritten poems.


9- You're still coming alive, breathing your first real breaths.


10- You're still piecing, learning to love the remains.



Melissa Tripp is a Boston-based writer and creative whose work explores and expresses themes of love, vulnerability, empowerment, simplicity, personal narrative, and hypothetical selves. Follow her on Twitter, and take a look at her website.