In the Year of Christine Blasey Ford

Erin Taylor

discussing rape culture in the dungeon

the supreme court is a rape farm

the men bring home the bacon

as in they’re all oinking on the net

I hate steve roggenbuck

I hate brett kavanaugh

I hate all the white men with giant mouths

I hate how unsafe the world is

I disdain excuses
I hate beer

I will myself into existence every day I choose to be

and every day the world has asked

me to continue existing

my rapist (the first one) slapped my ass

on the street

with his british tongue
I awoke to a day where

I no longer owned my body

the supreme court is a rape farm

my rapist was blonde

he had blue eyes

he loved beer

I hate Hugo (whatshisface) with my whole heart

my burning bed

my burning house
he forced open my


I will never be the girl on the mountain

I will always be the girl

with the 70s bush

he found sexy

I awoke to his cock

my friend says cock is a white word and maybe

it is

every time I open the Timeline

I see a New Rapist
with new Excuses

for how he was Too Young

Too Dumb

Too Drunk

to make a Decision

but my rapist decided my entire

year for me

my rapist
my rapist

my rapist

with his dirt in my shower

his cum on my bed
my mattress with his indent

lit me on fire and

Three years later he

Doesn’t think of me.

I am not a spot on his calendar even

I am not a moment in time

I am just a drunk american girl from the club.

I cannot remember his face,

did it not happen then?

if my trauma is a heavy thing without thought

without memory

without reason

did it even happen?

and if Hugo were to find me again on the street
could I look him in the face and tell him what

He Did
and how three years later

I am still on fire
from his touch

I am still

Thinking about it.

Erin Taylor is an American poet based out of Brooklyn. Her writing has been featured at LAMBDA Literary, Mistress Mag, Hobart, and more. She has a chapbook OOOO (Bottlecap Press). Her favorite place to cry in NYC is the Ronald McNair Park. Her work can be found at and her tweets can be located @erinisaway.

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