when a metaphor grows up it wants to be you

Christiaan Tammer


sitting there rubbing your middle eye

you don't realise yr fingering evolution


performing psycho-spiritual acts with god just scratching yr head

while I unwittingly take part in this threesome


you could join S to an echo and become a snake

or calculate the molecular weight of Shiva


you're an overgrown question mark throwing everything up in the air

expecting me to catch porcelain answers before they break


you've fallen into one of the archaeological pits I dug in my head

in an effort to find a lost civilization of thought


now yr trying to escape from the wordless city

within that civilization where the signs are not legible


I caught myself cheating on you with my lesser half

I called it off because I don’t do things in halves


when we fight, somewhere a circus is in tatters

a hunchback haunches further over and capsizes the world


when I open my heart the sun rises

which is eclipsed by the moon when you blink


we will give birth to a new genderless race

or uninvent the halfling taboo


it’s humbling / exhilarating / terrifying to know you don’t mean anything

to anyone else in the world except me



Christiaan Tammer is a writer / musician / theorist who currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, studying how to escape the country without leaving.