Dragonfly’s Sense

Cody Stetzel

you grip your hand 

                        when you see me tensing 


                        sudden wanting at the thai restaurant

                        overwhelmed fireplace coal glow

                        I have at least six moles around my groin


in the car - tiny sunfire 

with immense wings 


                        return through the dust 

raise clouds        pull over            let off


                                                                        fingernails on thighs

                                                                        legs falling asleep with animals draped

                                                                        cardamom and cinnamon coffee

                                                                        blood. the third from last pastry.

                                                                        raising lust as inhibitor.


                        these obscene men

bursting bellies     reckoning as minor gods

..die on my windshield

            take the place of this dragonfly. 


                                    once, a story of terribly fearful people 

redirecting passions: they lost a home,

the animals, they lost 

                                    their tangible embodiments of kin and 

                                    broke three mirrors so their newborns 

wouldn’t grow blessed. 


            I need more, take the place of this dragonfly

                        I cannot call this country home with its bondage. 

                        Watch us fly, new country, watch us fly. 



Cody Stetzel is a Seattle resident migrating from California after having escaped upstate New York. He is the managing editor for Five:2:One Magazine, a poetry editor for the Rise Up Review, and a staff book reviewer for Glass Poetry Press. He is an active reader for the Pen City Writers Program. He received his Masters in Creative Writing for Poetry from the University of California at Davis. His writing can be found previously in Aster(ix) Journal, the Live Oak Review, the East Coast Literary Review, and Neovox. He can be found @pretzelco on twitter.