Again, for the first time

Christos Kalli


It’s nice to meet you again / for the first time /

I am nervous / my sentences don’t make sense / I meant /

you looked lovely / I am confusing / have you seen me usually /

stand here / with my smokey pumpkin spice latte / not yet /

I am almost dizzy now / it used to be 2 p.m. /

did you happen to know what p.m. stands for /

I am losing my tenses now / oh God I hope nobody sees this /

conversation between us / can you imagine what will happen /

if we met before / O o o you might need to move /

some words around / I am sweating / it’s a nice weather /

today in Nice / thank God we are in Cyprus now /

did you happen to see the news / tomorrow /

of course, not really, maybe / circle the correct answer /

if there is one / too bad we are late again / it’s almost time for me /

to miss the train / too bad you are a New Yorker /

I will hate everything new / what happened to Odysseus though /

can you tell me the time / when we started thinking /

what we must’ve said / I’ve heard you /

need a scarf in France / I think this dialogue /

will not be a metaphor for life / stupid boy /

you don’t want to know / what a metaphor is /

is when the boy is a fist / it’s hard to find the words /

we are almost there / despite the turbulence /

it’s like someone spitting out / the alphabet / a b d c e g g g /

that will be a simile / one day / or a facsimile /

you didn’t catch that / do you want to go /

out with me / last night / we can make it /

if you put your make-up now / in your bag /

do you think we have time / to split a one-course meal /

a quick shoulder dance / HURRY UP PLEASE ITS TIME /

is old and I love it / I hope / I didn’t ruin it / please don’t leave /

disappointed from our appointment / that’s stupid.

Christos Kalli, born in Larnaca, Cyprus, is currently studying for his undergraduate degree in English Literature at the University of Glasgow. He is active in the English and American poetry scene, and he is always trying to broaden his network. Recently his poems have appeared / are forthcoming in the minnesota review, Red Paint Hill Poetry Journal, London Journal of Fiction, Hobart, Calamaro, Stoneboat, The Hartskill Review, Sunset Liminal, among others. He is currently one of the reviewers of Prole Magazine.