Dear Whoever Is Writing On My Tombstone

Julianne Neely


write exhausted write overdosed on sugar write fake crying write flirting write don’t you dare write irresponsible society write a joke to a serious question write drinking beer at noon on a Tuesday write no desire to know fate write enslaved to bad ideas write nuclear arms write torn apart by wolves write needles write left a pretty corpse write natural causes write mixed metaphors write buttery elbows write coma dream write endless complaining write I don’t know what my daughter looks like write Brooklyn is no place to live if you want to be happy write non-believer write never young write would have liked some help write people should look through telescopes more write don’t make my life into a movie write one-hit wonder write normal person write if I had been a verb I would have been flee write it’s complicated write there were people I loved write salt eventually leaves water write if you would have listened I would have told you write nobody on earth has wasted more time than me.


Julianne Neely, 23, is a writer from New York. She has been previously published in Random Sample Review, Unbroken Journal, Babe Soda Zine, Moon Zine, and Maudlin House. She hates bios, but loves Harry Potter. She also likes Twitter. Follow her @juleneely. But not around in person. That would be weird.