summer Oranges

Joshua Mcgarry


In the fishscale shade of riverside

            birches we built fire


built it with our hands, the way

            one builds a home, fingertips

                        cool on damp moss


Imagine the warmth of it, opposite

            the water, so clear one could dream

                        of reaching into the light.


How clear is skin unafraid of fire?

            Thin lines of blue veins, bodies

                        unto themselves, box jellyfish:

            an entire cove of them. The truth

of our bodies' machinery


perhaps, it is this display that kills us

            the way the tendrils in water long

                        for other bodies, do not linger, this transparency

            is poison. Instead imagine further into the fire

in its yellow heart and reach for it,


a little ball of warmth, like a summer orange,

            like something you might swallow with a child’s grin,

                        a little treasure for those who still reach into fires



Joshua McGarry hails from Germany and is currently working on his MFA at Old Dominion University. He lives in Norfolk where he writes and collects records with what some have described as "excessive enthusiasm." He has a poem out with Ekphrastic Review and three more of his poems will be in the forthcoming issue of DoveTales.