Ruminations on Setting as Narrated by an Anti-Social Vulture on a Bench Under a Tree while He Waits for His Dinner to Drop Dead Beside Him. (The Surrounding Birds are Healthy and the Vulture will Probably go Hungry Unless He Gets Off the Bench But He Pulled a Wing Muscle Yesterday.)

Allison McFarland


Shining sun beats down

—that’s nothing new. 


Here grows a tree.


Black birds press the splayed

branches downwards. 

Crows. Or ravens. Or disfigured magpies.


The birds are irrelevant.

Allison McFarland is completing two undergraduate degrees at the University of Calgary in Law and Society and English with a concentration in creative writing, both with honours. She is the managing editor for Nōd Magazine at the University of Calgary. Her work has appeared in FOUND, the second chapbook by Malform Press, and she has read at a Flywheel event hosted by filling Station Magazine.