Home of the Brave

Chastity Mathurin


(YZ) The Words Which Follow Are in Plain English

These words erupt from the belly of the unheard.

The whispers of an underground rebellion.

I would advise you to listen very carefully,

For the revolution will not be televised.

And other courses of action are simply not advised.

Fire will not be fought with daisies.

We do not have time to engage in peaceful dialogues

That result in unfulfilled explanations.

I hope you have been listening.


(HM1) Survivors Are in Bad Conditions

Livelihood spent in destitution.

Enslavement wrapped up and made pretty,

With black and brown bows.

Distractions from racist tactics.

Mayday; I believe we have a solution.

Feed them knowledge.

Our soldiers are gradually learning,

Yet, somehow, survivors are still unable to breath.

Please send backup.

We need extra supplies of ice tea and skittles

To rid ourselves of the sour taste of hypothetical equality.


 (BL) I Am Having Engine Trouble, But Am Continuing

Arising in the home of the brave,

Systematically met with death.

For all those seeking ample freedom,

A hard realization to swallow.

See, depression sweeps a nation,

But only few feel its true effect.

There is a war cry for an adequate solution.

A continuous need for justice.

For this is war not created for the simple minded,

But only for the brave.

And I aim to endure until this war is won.


Chastity Mathurin, a recent Providence College graduate and a Lynn, MA native, is a math teacher by day and slam poet by night. Chastity has performed in Providence, RI at AS220, as well as at various Providence College events, including: Rap Slam, "Love Art, Hate Discrimination," and Night in Friartown. Try catching a performance from her at an open mic night in Boston.