Letter to 10-Year-Old Self

Chastity Mathurin



The presence of sunshine will cause you to overlook


Remember that thunderstorms are responses to instability

In a thing called love.

Distinctions between thunderstorms and lightening

Will be clear,

For the coldness of the air will always be a constant

Reminder of the tension that is to happen.



You’ll want to position yourself in the center

Of the storm because you’ll want to fix it.

For lonely people, rain is the only time they are touched (Simon Van Booy)

You’ll yearn for such modest sensations.

Hand prints and bruises will be confused as sacred signs of affection;

Dance in rain that is cool to the touch.



Remember the most beautiful flowers are

Those who grow in unexpected places.

They’ll tell you that flowers need water and sunlight and to survive;

You’ll quickly reply, flowers grow in dark rooms too.

Eventually you’ll dance in the rain,

You’ll discover not all storms kill,

And only with proper protection sunlight is good.

You’ll find the balance within,

Allowing nature’s beauty to hold you captive.


Chastity Mathurin, a recent Providence College graduate and a Lynn, MA native, is a math teacher by day and slam poet by night. Chastity has performed in Providence, RI at AS220, as well as at various Providence College events, including: Rap Slam, "Love Art, Hate Discrimination," and Night in Friartown. Try catching a performance from her at an open mic night in Boston.