Boston, Meet Your New Favorite Sports Team

Chris Landry


            The Patriots don’t play a meaningful game until September. The Red Sox are coming off back to back last place finishes. The Bruins are in the middle of an up and down season. So which team are we going to root for during these dire days? Look no further than the team in green, the Boston Celtics.

            So you haven’t paid attention to the team since they won the world championship in 2008 with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, or Ray Allen. Well, those guys aren’t walking through that door anytime soon. Nor will Larry Bird, Bill Russell, or even Rajon Rondo for that matter. Who do we have to root for on this team if there aren’t any starts? Look no further than our 5’ 9” point guard Isaiah Thomas, who was just named an Eastern Conference All Star.

            The little guy is averaging 21 points and 6.5 assists on the year. He’s the leader of these Celtics, the one who gets the offense going and sets the tone by hustling on defense. He’s fearless on the court, whether it’s driving to the basket or making a deep 3. Similar to Dustin Pedrioa, Thomas is a small player with big talent and is reason enough to watch this team.

            Of course, Thomas cannot do it all himself and has a capable group of teammates that play an exciting brand of basketball. Guards Avery Bradley, Even Turner, Marcus Smart, and Jae (is Bae) Crowder rack up multiple steals each game, hit 3s with regularity (except for Turner), and go hard in the paint. Big guys Amir Johnson (Defense), Jared Sullinger (Rebounds), Kelly Olynyk (3s), Jonas Jerebko (the Swedish Larry Bird), and Tyler Zeller (Energy) each bring something different when they hit the floor. Under the watchful eye of Coach Brad Stevens, these guys combine to create a team that’s both fun to watch and winning games.

            Because that’s what’s most important, right? No one would care about the Celtics if they lost more games than not. Well, listen up – this team is in 3rd place in the Eastern Conference, ahead of powerhouses like the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, and Philadelphia 76ers (kidding). Even more impressively, they’ve recently won close games against LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers (on a buzzer-beating bucket) and Doc Rivers’ Los Angeles Clippers (in overtime) – two of the best 5 teams in the league.  They’re gaining valuable experience for the playoffs in every close win they play.

            So, don’t miss out when these guys are in the playoffs, competing with the best in the league.  Don’t start paying attention when they have a top draft pick, as they own the Brooklyn Nets’ pick (and they’re going to have one of the worst records by the end of the year). And certainly don’t say you didn’t see it coming if they attract a star player to come play for us during the offseason.  Because the Boston Celtics are good, and they’re good right now – no need to wait for one of Boston’s other teams to get on their level.     


Chris Landry is a recent graduate of Providence College, where he studied English. What comes next is to be determined.