G01den H0ur

Coco M. Keehl



with purple skies I kicking, spit with orange

sparkle mouth unfolding infinity into every direction 

can you believe the comfy level of this awkward position?! 

I am speaking not of love if you know I’m not not king

but still a little wimp goes a long way 

but then the long long way down tries to show up 

the gravity of setting sun. oh! the memories of memory

I’m just asking please hold my poles out tender

I want to quick release knot my hammock 

for all the grand finales I have left.



Coco M. Keehl is a poet living in Michigan with her dog. She is founder of GRAVITON & poetry editor at Barrelhouse. Recent poems are in Hobart, WOHOE Lit, FIVE:2:ONE & Powder Keg. Find her @cmkeehl.