At the movies

Christos Kalli


Find my mouth so I can tell you about

              This movie that I think you’ll like.

Written, starring, and directed by us.


Which is a thriller. Starts with a shot

              Of the cerulean sky, then a montage

Of that day we were weaving fingers


And opening up like clams in the back

            Of 37 Dawson—Dublin, Ireland.

There is a close-up of my erubescent


Cheeks and your Mona Lisa smile.

            Then, quick shot of your honey thumb,

My red lips, the half-hidden Cavafy book


In my bag, your brown-white coffee.

            Which is like Hitchcock’s Shower Scene,

And you will feel as if you were there.


Before and after the moment you said,

            I know what happens next,

There is a shot of the head of the deer above our heads.


As the cheery was spinning in my Daiquiri,

            You tooth picked it

And crashed it in your salt lake mouth.


I don’t want to spoil too much, but prepare

            For the final shot, which is of me

Scooping teardrops from my cheek.


Which is why the movie has been called visionary,

            Given four and a half stars,

Causing red palms and oohing ovations.


Christos Kalli, born in Larnaca, Cyprus, is currently studying for his undergraduate degree in English Literature at the University of Glasgow. He is active in the English and American poetry scene, and he is always trying to broaden his network. His most recent poems can be found / are forthcoming in the minnesota review, Oxford Magazine, The Maine Review, Red Paint Hill Poetry Journal, Hobart, among others. He is currently a Poetry Reader for The Adroit Journal & one of the reviewers of Prole Magazine.