L Friedman



Oh, &!

Typographical deity!

Complicated and reckless,

somehow Gothic (in that spiny, thorny way of yours),

black and collapsible like a silk topper

(and just as relentlessly fashionable),

connecting angle to curve and tissue to tendon,

holding it all together

(without forgetting the chasms

between word and word and word) –

oh, &,

how do you do it?



L Friedman is a writer of poetry and prose, a student of history, and a devotee of the Gothic and the Shakespearean. In 2017, they finished high school and simultaneously earned an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts; they're currently working on transferring to a four-year college for a B.A. in History. They live in New England and can be reached by howling into the void—or, more reliably, at www.crookedbutinteresting.wordpress.com.

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