Samuel J Fox



bandaging a new,

                graven wound,

he picks gore

              from what is not there


a crimson stream

           wraps a rosary

around his wrist

             like a blessing


it is not he is just bleeding


in front of the bathroom mirror,

            his gaunt reflection

mimics him

              to the bone:


chapped lips,

              hollowed eye,

                           flared nostril


he holds his wrist

            until it clots

a drop teeters

               from between his fingers


each cell is replaced

              every ninety days,

his veins

             completely new


it falls, punctuates

            the faux marble counter


a pomegranate

             a sunken balloon

                           a rust splotch


it is very easy to wash away.



Samuel J Fox is a bisexual essayist and poet living in the Southern US. He is poetry editor at Bending Genres. He appears in such places as MoonPark Review, Vagabond City, and Cahoodaloodaling. He tweets (@samueljfox).