August 2018

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cover photo by Dan Brenton. The Same Old Moon in the Ever Changing River.



Dan Brenton was born and raised outside the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Dan graduated from Salem State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in printmaking. His prints have been featured in solo and group exhibitions, locally as well as in different parts of the United States. 

After graduation, Dan left home on a bicycle ride that lasted 7 months and covered 14 states. His journey allowed him to reconnect with the artist within by documenting life on the road through writing and photography. His current work bridges the gap between the real world and the memories and impressions of experience. There is something familiar and grounded while alluding to the presence of something ‘other’, not necessarily seen but, felt. Dan believes a big part of making art is exploration; the artist’s initial vision always varies to a certain degree from the finished work. There is no map, only getting lost in the act of creation, like the figures wandering through Dan’s colorful landscapes. Find more of his art at