Stanford Cheung



Airstream cylinders hang shingles, a tongue


torched with rainwater 

the bound drizzle, the pension autumn

Take a wing if we knew

If sold for denture

by valor mumble 

for ocular as mere parts

Data bends and finds light on an 

uphill crescent

Meteor are the knots keeping day night


Cries amid circa canals running

a pedestrian fissure

a vacant flag

Surgery wake me a  

scapegoat stitch dressing

the sovereign 

the blue heaven thieves

Time answers 

amid the husk

the past prelude pealing

pixel or perplexed

as in flurry 

as in destination     

The casket, the cove,

a thin lump of mighty




Stanford Cheung’s first full-length book of poetry Structures from the Still is forthcoming from Akinoga Press (2018). His chapbooks are Any Seam or Needlework (The Operating System, 2016), Kite Extension (Words(on)Pages, 2017), and Comfort of Malice (Inspiritus, 2018). He lives in Toronto. Find his website here: stanfordcheung.com.

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