Three Steps

Emily Chantre


Gaze enveloped by kindness, my laughter hides behind fluttering lashes. Bright like spotlights fixed on mine. First to look away, my sight diverts to clasped hands. Again your sugarcoated call brings me back, soothing. Head lifted, I stare into chocolate pools, meeting a Hershey’s kiss. A tease in the raise of an eyebrow. Then yours crinkle like crushed candy. An entry into melting warmth, echoing my own. Dive so deep I continue to savor.


Inches away, yet hesitant. Lips purse, budding until full. Bristled stubble brushes my chin as we meet in quick, pulsed paces. Pressure put upon plushy pillows leaves impressions. Transfer of intimate sensations; surging sweetness exploring my taste buds. Give. Take. Slowly harmonizing to our own music and modifying each rhythmic motion. Inhale. Exhale. All forgotten in the midst of where a world leans toward total bliss.


Your hand strokes my cheek, igniting a rosy fire while flames spread and travel with longing. Tentative, we feel comfort underneath the cotton shirt where your love lies. Beating. Currents rush from your fingertips to fill my bloodstream. Muscle shields bone. Burst. Touch turns protective barrier to ash. Plunge, expand, reach into a different home. No looking back.


Emily Chantre graduated from Providence College in 2015 and now helps high school students with college access at Blackstone Academy Charter School in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Emily aspires to be an English teacher. She has been writing for as long as she can remember. John Milton's Paradise Lost is one of her favorite pieces of literature. Emily's hobbies include tennis and photography, and she hopes to travel to Italy one day.