Chapbook Contest

Boston Uncommon Chapbook Series 2018


A chapbook series? In this economy?

Yeah, we're doing it, and we're going to deliver poetry chapbooks as digital downloads. This will allow us to distribute books to subscribers for free (details on becoming a subscriber to follow; stay tuned). Donations will be welcome at the time of each publication, and 100% of donated funds will be transferred to the chapbook author. Boston Accent Lit is aiming to publish 4-8 chapbooks as part of the Boston Uncommon Series. Please reach out to us at anytime with ideas, praise, concerns, or questions.



  • Manuscripts should consist of 20-40 pages of original poetry, but if you run a few pages over we won't hold it against you.
  • Include a title page, page numbers, and a table of contents. Your name should appear on the title page. You may include an acknowledgements page if necessary. Start each new poem on its own page. 
  • If a poem has been previously published, please note the original publisher either on an acknowledgements page or under the poem's title.
  • Email submissions to, and please use "Chapbook Contest" in the subject line. You may include a bio, but this is not required.
  • We prefer submissions not be simultaneous, but simply let us know if you have submitted your work elsewhere; we will consider it regardless.
  • Submissions are extended with a reading fee of $5; these are due by March 16, 2018. If you are not able to use the Cash App, let us know in your email and we can give you PayPal or other payment options.
  • Limit one submission per poet.
  • Have fun, and show us your most authentic work.




Meet the judges


Chastity Mathurin

Poetry Editor, Boston Accent Lit


Chastity is looking for poetry to go beyond being words on a page. She wants poetry to be raw, ugly, beautiful, intriguing, and to stir up emotions. She loves when poets are able to own their craft and expose their true selves on the page.




Sarah A. O’Brien

EIC, Boston Accent Lit


Sarah is looking for work that is provocative, Detail-driven, and emotional. Give Her those poems that call for God while being tongued by a demon, those poems that make you question your own identity. She’ll take words in whatever form you feel fits the content best. Let your language play.