Big Men and the North

DeMisty D. Bellinger


This is work. This is a sacrifice to the moneyed. This is a goat gotten from a farm that people cannot believe exists in the western part of this state. Look: the farm lies just beyond those mountains.


These are two men with shiny, patent leather shoes. These men chose those shoes during an hour or half an hour on a busy day and they tried them on, looked in a mirror that came up to their knees, saw how their tailored hems fell over the tongues. They fantasized walking to somewhere great with those shoes on; they dreamt of big things happening because of those shoes.


This is what work is: slitting throats of goats and collecting the offal in an office somewhere in the eastern part of this state.



DeMisty D. Bellinger’s fiction and poetry have appeared in many places, including Necessary Fiction and Forklift, Ohio. She teaches creative writing, women's studies, and African American Studies at Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts.