Pushing Hair Back As Flirtation

Alexis Bates


touch self

boys    (Adam, I mean)

take this as


my body is

interpreted as

damsel body

boys    (Adam)

I am not

poetry or prose

do not read me

but how can I blame you

for wanting to

touch me

when I also

want to touch me

I justify

I am person

I am girl

No I am person

and I do not need


Boys   (Adam)

this is me being


I’d rather leave

the hair in my face

than let you think

touch is

a call to action



Alexis Bates is an emerging poet and writer that forces people to reflect on how they relate to topics such as self-perception and mental illness. You can read her work in Doll Hospital, The Passed Note, Rising Phoenix Review and elsewhere. She has chapbooks forthcoming from Varsity Goth Press, Luminosity Press (an imprint of Firefly Magazine), and Ghost City Press.