Immolation II

fisayo adeyeye


Before the bastard burns,

there is light branching into bows

of undressed rays behind his head

as he enters the zenith of his body.

The way we watch from the shore

his name dragged behind the chariot

driven by flaming horses, through

a sky lit orange, and clouds lit red.

Turned stained glass. Turned colored

light. Turned colored. His body cradled

by heat. His blood blackened into

something boiling. Boy as bastard,

the fruit sweetened into its bitter pith.

Scene as paradigm made repugnant,

the body the poorest aviator. Horses

strain against their metal bits,

and drag exhausted bodies through

the sky. Beneath them, the boy’s,

exhausted too. The blighted son

of a sun singed and thrown headlong

into the waters. His name forgotten.

His final baptism the sea. 





blckfsh / bird enthusiast / benign boy / fisayo adeyeye has works published in souvenir lit journal / nailed magazine / the birds we piled loosely / and he is the author of cradles (nomadic press 2017). find his website here: